Are you a WorldPay Merchant looking to process credit cards online through WooCommerce & WordPress?

We offer, at no charge, a credit card processing plugin that works over a direct integration to WorldPay. You don’t need any additional software or accounts – just an ECOM account with Worldpay integrated payments.

The software is free, and the only condition of use is that your account is registered at WorldPay under our Dealer platform.

We support the plugin, offer free installation services, and can help you get your account configured and running at WorldPay as quickly as possible.

Your existing POS or MOTO Dealer relationships continue just like they have with no interruptions.


Radial Studios has been supporting our certified payment gateway software since 2012.

We also support Vantiv Store Card via another free payment gateway plugin for Gift Cards that is compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Our plugins provide a direct integration with WorldPay, eliminating the need for third party gateway or processing relationships such as or Plug N Pay.

If you currently have a Vantiv or Mercury payment solution for your Point of Sale (POS) system, adding an eCommerce Merchant account is a straightforward process, and we’ll help you every step of the way.

Our WooCommerce integrations install like a traditional plugin and can easily be set for live or test transactions.  They includes a debug mode that can run during live or test transactions that is helpful to sort out compatibility concerns.

We include at no charge a ‘white glove’ installation service for our plugin, for existing installations of WooCommerce.

The plugin is free, and we include in that no charge installation reasonable time as necessary to ensure the plugin is up and running.  Customization (such as delayed charging, subscription charges, or other unique circumstances) is available on an hourly basis.

Our plugin helps to ensure PCI compliance even on a shared hosting environment, and does not require an SSL certificate to communicate with WorldPay.  As an added bonus, we append transaction details such as the Payment ID, Card Last 4, Card Type and other processor response data as custom fields within each order after each successful transaction. This makes it easier for merchants to reconcile transaction details in WooCommerce with eCommerce reports from your WorldPay portal.

If you have further question about the plugin, your needs or how to get started, please use this form to get started!